Commit e063dd89 authored by Olly Betts's avatar Olly Betts
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Adjust language codes for Greek

Correct the ISO 639-1 code, which should be "el" not "gr".

Add the ISO 639-2T code "ell" since we recognise ISO 639-2T codes for
other languages.
parent fed34b7c
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ english UTF_8,ISO_8859_1 english,en,eng
finnish UTF_8,ISO_8859_1 finnish,fi,fin
french UTF_8,ISO_8859_1 french,fr,fre,fra
german UTF_8,ISO_8859_1 german,de,ger,deu
greek UTF_8 greek,gr,gre
greek UTF_8 greek,el,gre,ell
hungarian UTF_8,ISO_8859_2 hungarian,hu,hun
indonesian UTF_8,ISO_8859_1 indonesian,id,ind
irish UTF_8,ISO_8859_1 irish,ga,gle
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