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......@@ -97,9 +97,9 @@ We can collapse or open the panels by clicking on the arrow in the corner.
Figure 6. *Search Panel*
1. :ref:`Current Search <currentsearch>`
2. :ref:`Saved Searches <savedsearches>`
3. :ref:`Aggregations <aggregations>`
1. :ref:`Current Search <currentsearch>`
2. :ref:`Saved Searches <savedsearches>`
3. :ref:`Aggregations <aggregations>`
.. _currentsearch:
......@@ -236,11 +236,10 @@ Tagging the Data
Different Taggers in Texta Toolkit are classification models which can classify new data with the label/class the model is trained on. We can apply the tagger via API.
We have three taggers:
We have two taggers:
1. :ref:`Tagger Groups <tagger_group_concept>`
2. :ref:`Taggers <tagger_concept>`
3. NeuroTaggers
Only *Tagger* can be trained with saved searches. Others learn their models on tags in the dataset. Below we will see how to train them.
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