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Fixed mistake with NER doc_path not being correct.

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......@@ -180,3 +180,13 @@ def test_processing_documents_with_multiple_doc_paths(mlp: MLP):
assert "texta_facts" in document
assert "first_name_mlp" in document["entity"]
assert "last_name_mlp" in document["entity"]
def test_that_ner_output_contains_correct_doc_path(mlp: MLP):
result = mlp.process_docs(docs=[{"comment": {"text": "Barack Obama was one of the presidents of the United States of America!"}}], doc_paths=["comment.text"])[0]
assert "text_mlp" in result["comment"]
assert "text" in result["comment"]
assert "texta_facts" in result
facts = result.get("texta_facts")
usa_fact = facts[0]
assert usa_fact["doc_path"] == "comment.text_mlp.text"
......@@ -299,8 +299,7 @@ class Document:
if entity.type in known_entities:
# finds the closest spans in tokenized text
# this is because stanza returns spans from non-tokenized text
pattern = re.compile(re.escape(
entity.text)) # Use re.escape to avoid trouble with special characters existing in the text.
pattern = re.compile(re.escape(entity.text)) # Use re.escape to avoid trouble with special characters existing in the text.
matching_tokenized_spans = [(match.start(), match.end()) for match in pattern.finditer(tokenized_text)]
best_matching_span = None
best_matching_distance = math.inf
......@@ -317,7 +316,7 @@ class Document:
new_fact = Fact(
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